Things You’ve Always Wanted to Know about APDM

Since the implementation of APDM as the Ministry of Education’s online school database, many questions have revolved around the topic.

In any government policy, there is always an air of confusion. This confusion often breeds misinformation.

Here are some of the questions you might have had while getting to know more about AplikasiPangkalan Data Murid.

How is APDM different from the previous infrastructure?

Being an online database for schools, APDM works in real-time. It means that information is easily accessible from the time of upload.

Earlier the system was convoluted and had to pass through hoops. Performance and regularity information would often lose relevance.

What are the requirements for APDM?

APDM is a government database for district level schools. There is no specific requirement to register for APDM for state-funded institutions.

Is APDM effective?

The system has been very effective in its working. It has empowered schools all over the country through access to valuable information. The integration process has dramatically benefitted Malaysian education.

Is my school’s information secure?

APDM is exceptionally secure since it is a direct initiative of the Ministry of Education. Therefore you do not need to worry about information loss or damage.

How do students benefit from it?

Schools use the database to update student information. By hosting student data, APDM makes it available for access anywhere.

Also, students are analyzed and rewarded through database information.

For how long has it been implemented?

APMD was implemented by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia in 2010. Since then, it has had a positive effect on education. Now it is also used for scholarship and boarding application.

How can you enrol your school?

Schools can register with APDM by visiting the government website. The registration process is fast and straightforward.

If you still have more queries regarding APDM and the registration process, visit