Quick Fix Urine – The Novel Way to Pass Urine Test


Passing a urine screen will not be easy for anyone who has been caught in the state of intoxication and there is no way to avoid giving urine sample under any law when authorities demand on suspicion. Drug addicts have usual practice of being suspected or caught for intoxication. The marketers always look out for avenues to make profits from customer demands. The concept of fake or synthetic urine emerged in the wake of demand from drug addicts to save their skin from legal complications. Fake urine was launched as a substitute to natural urine for people who require to clear their urine screen for intoxication.

quick fix synthetic urine

Fake urine in different forms

Marketing of fake urine has become a usual thing in recent time and many laboratories are selling synthesized urine in varieties to match natural urine and with different kits to lure customers for its purchase. Synthetic urine has been created to maintain your privacy during drug screening. Selling of synthetic urine has no restriction and it can easily be purchased quickly through order on online store. Quick fix urine is one such synthetic type which is popular for its more matching quality with natural urine. But why does a normal buy synthetic urine? For a normal person, the synthetic urine has no use unless he or she requires it to clear the urine screening for drug use without risk of being caught for fake sample.

Why quick fix is recommended?

quick fix synthetic urine is recommended for being superior over its counterparts in various aspects.

  • Quick fix is unisex because it can be used by males as well as females.
  • It is ready to use without any mixing as it comes with premixed urea and uric acid.
  • It can be heated in microwave for 10 seconds to attain optimal temperature or can be used with heating pad for right temperature. It can be maintained at body temperature for up to six hours.