Moti Ferder: Best diamond cutter and jewelry designer

Lugano diamonds is grabbing the attention of brides and grooms to do their jewelry shopping in this salon. There are two salons of this diamond firm. One is located in California and the other is in Colorado.  Both these salons are offering stunning piece of jewelry as per the taste, preferences and budget to the soon to get married couples. The something borrowed program is letting brides to borrow the stunning and amazing piece of jewelry from this salon and wear on their special occasion at the borrow rate. This is a viable option for the brides who cannot afford to wear diamond jewelry. These Lugano diamond salon is selling different kinds of jewelry, i.e. cufflinks, rings, earrings, neckpieces, etc. in different shapes and styles, thus giving ample choices for the bride to pick the best one that is especially made for them.

Lugano diamonds is started by the famous diamond cutter and jewelry designs, Mr. Moti Ferder. His vast knowledge in diamond industry has driven him to start this venture and cater the needs of the jewelry lovers. He always comes up with unique and masterpiece designs that makes every woman fall in love with them. Today, Lugano has become one of the international diamond jewelry brands in the market. This brand is selling wearable, creative and timeless piece of jewelry that can be adorned by every woman to show off their status and wealth. The Lugano diamond salon is giving the best ever diamond shopping experience for the diamond lovers across the globe in its warm and welcoming atmosphere.

This Lugano diamonds is involved in different phases of the project from procuring diamonds, cutting it, designing and marketing. The aim of Lugano Diamonds is to provide superior quality customer service that they deserve. Lugano diamonds is the one destination where you can find unique diamond jewelry designs and precious stones under one umbrella.