Lab-Made Diamonds in Jewelry Making Business

Trend of jewelry making is prevalent since ancient times. History provide ample evidence that emperors and kings and their queens used to wear precious jewelry, although trend was different at that time. They used real gems that had a worth beyond imagination of an ordinary person. Mediocre people used to wear jewelry made from stone or other materials. Jewelry making was a family business in the past. Trends have changed over time and jewelry making has become a big worldwide industry offering lucrative employment to qualified professionals in the field of gemology. This field has emerged as demand of precious jewelry grew among average modern society. Precious or diamond jewelry, as most people call, is the craze of modern society.

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Diamond jewelry

Diamond is considered to be the most precious stone since ancient times and it has its own luster which is not in other precious stones. Every precious stone has its own relevance, but diamond is most used in precious jewelry and a special component of a wedding ring. Diamond is associated with good or bad luck by the people who believe in astrology. There is no firm evidence how a diamond can be a cause of good or bad fortune, but this is a belief in some cultures. Famous jewelry makers, like Lugano Diamonds create exclusive designs in diamond jewelry. Real diamond has a big worth and it is not easily available for this purpose. The diamond used for jewelry making is all lab-made diamond which is cut and finished in a specific manner so that it can disperse more light. It is an art that require a skill because diamond is the hardest material to deal with.

Why lab-made diamond is costly?

Lab-made diamonds are not as precious as real diamonds, but its process has its worth. Diamonds produced in the labs have to pass through several tests before they acquire status and look like that of real diamonds and this their worth.