How Student Database Applications Have Assisted Teachers in Data Management

Anyone who has worked on Database Application Software is well aware of the substantial benefits, they offer. There are numerous functionalities these Softwares offer, from recording student attendance to the placement and graduation of students. There are various steps in obtaining the specified data, which is co-related to the inputs given.

Let us check out a few of the different functions, as enlisted by, wherein data is added to the application for use later in the session.


Addition of student records:

You will have to login into the APDM system, with a User ID, Password and the Send button has to be clicked. The next link is Student Data, on clicking the same the entire student data is displayed on screen. The Class Teacher can access all of the information and update when and where required. If the Student is new, you have to click on Student List. Wherein, the ID Number and Passport number and entered, and then click Update Information, so that the information can be saved for viewing later on.

Verification of student data:

The School APDM Admin validates all the data. After login in to the APDM system, you have to click on Student Data. In this module, the segregation of students as per their gender is an extremely important step. Clicking on the Name or Year displays the data with student name and gender. After updation of all necessary data, click on Student Data to confirm. Later, the updated records can be viewed. All data stored herein, needs to be intimated to District Education Officers, National Education Department and Ministry of Education.

Registering / Swapping of Class Teachers:

The school APDM Admin has the power to change teachers from one class to another.  Just login with User ID and Password. Then click on Classroom Registration and Update, if class is present. If not, click on Add Class. In the end click Update Class Information.

Thus, today you have learned quite a bit about APDM. Visit for more information for a virtual database of your school or suggest the same to your child’s school Administrator for ease of operations.